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Due to spambots, the wiki is now closed for user level editing. If you want to have edit privileges, contact Forboding Angel.

Every page has comments at the bottom (because the way wikis handle discussions is silly).

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Important Links

www.evolutionrts.info - Official Website

www.forums.evolutionrts.info - Evolution RTS Forums

www.youtube.com/evolutionrtsgame - Evolution RTS Youtube Channel

www.wiki.evolutionrts.info - Evolution RTS Wiki (You are here)

www.google.com/+EvolutionRTSInfo - Evolution RTS Google+ Page (development updates, twitter style)

www.source.evolutionrts.info - Evolution RTS Source Code Github Repository

www.bugs.evolutionrts.info - Evolution RTS Bug Tracker

www.desura.com/games/evolution-rts - Evolution RTS on Desura

http://store.steampowered.com/app/291150 - Evolution RTS on Steam

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